Friday, October 27, 2006

Michael's Master Class

This summer I had the pleasure of attending a Michael James master class. I was in way over my head but it was a wonderful learning and freeing experience. Watching other serious fiber artists work helped me to see many more possibilities in my own work. While I worked using my conventional techniques I realized that I could create alot more of my ideas if I freed myself from a rigid design approach that allowed for mistakes and evolution of the final design. Here are two works that I created during this time (still waiting to be finished...)

This first piece was actually meant to be the leaf form of a plant. Michael suggested that I turn it on its side and create a landscape. I did not have any of the 'right' fabrics for it but somehow I managed to do it. I like what happened...

One of Michael's favorite lines is ' size matters'. Here I scaled up my distorted seed pods to a grand scale and created three of them, each one being at least 12" on a side.

Natalie's Workshop

Recently treated myself to a quilting adventure by attending a Hudson River Valley Fiber Art Workshop ( ) with Natalie Sewell ( .

The first top is a stand of tall trees mixed with dogwoods. (Still need to quilt it).

The second top (a work in progress...)

is based on a picture of the Gardens of Lombardy

from a book of Italian Gardens that Edith Wharton loved.

More Postcards

Some new designs in progress...


Autumn leaves (not completed...)

Winter Wonderland